Why do weddings cost so much?

Our answer is - they don't have to and here's why.

Wedding costs are a funny thing, you start with a budget and a plan and so quickly the budget and the plan go out the door - but why? Before long you are spending upward of $20,000, and there are a few key factors that cause this:

  1. The guest list - you want to be surrounded by your friends and family on your day, people who care about you as a couple and know the two of you. But who those people are is often interpreted differently by wider members of the family and your friends. Very quickly you find yourself inviting people you haven't seen in 8 years and members of your family who you aren't that keen on

  2. The venue - we all want that perfect venue, but often they are hard to find. Venues often struggle to put on weddings as there is a lot of set up and gear required or they don't promote themselves well so you don't know you exist. Those that do have a great understanding of what's required and often charge accordingly.

  3. The food - if food doesn't come as part of the venue package and you have to organise your own, it can be daunting to figure out how much to order, what to order and how to serve it. You can often end of over catering or over complicating what should be very simple and delicious. The number of guests you invite can make this a costly experience. Also the length of your wedding affects the cost - the longer people are there the more food they will need to consume, especially if you are serving alcohol.

  4. The drinks - how much to you put on for guests? This is such a hard question, many venues come with the option of a drinks package at a per head cost, or the ability to set a bar tab with pay as you go later, but if it's a BYO venue how much do you buy? In the later case you can end up with a lot of left overs that you need to try and onsell. Also again the number of guests greatly affects how much you spend here.

  5. The decorating - we all want a beautiful wedding and it may seem like the most cost effect way to DIY the decorations yourself, but like everything, the costs quickly add up. Whether you are hiring some items or buying them all every little bit adds up and if you have a ceremony and reception area to style that can be a lot of items to buy. Think fairy lights, festoon lights, draping, table clothes, candles, candle holders, greenery, plinths, signs, table runners, bunting and you are well into the hundreds of dollars already.

Now we are not saying that you can't have all of the things you want for your wedding day, not at all, in fact we here at Snap Events believe you should have the wedding of your dreams with all the little details AND it should not cost you tens of thousands of dollars.

Here's our solutions to the dreaded wedding cost how we can give you everything you want without the price tag:

Snap Weddings

Now many people who have heard of Pop up Weddings think, no that's not for me, I want a wedding that's all about me, you can't give that to be in a small package. Well that's exactly what we can give you.

We give you the gorgeous, fully styled wedding of your dreams without the price tag. Our 2, 4, or 6 hour Snap Wedding packages cover it all - personalised ceremony, amazing venue, floral designs, divine wedding cake, professional photography, champagne toast, first dance, nibbles, beautiful styling - all of this organised for you. No detail is lost, everything is personalised and you just need to come with your marriage license. We can promise that it will be something so special, you and your spouse to be surround by only your closest friends and family. 30 guests are included in the price, you can add more from $38 per person but we limit the numbers based on your chosen venue.

You choose the venue, you choose the date and then we work with you to tailor the rest. Your wedding, your way they start from $3,299, you can see more on our Pop up Wedding package page.

How are they so affordable then we hear you ask?

Well we make sure you save costs by instead of paying a full day venue, photographer or celebrant cost, we split this cost across 2-3 weddings in a day. Your wedding will not be gate crashed by another wedding, they are spread out so you enjoy the venue exclusively for your time.

Luxury Wedding Packages

These are your longer wedding packages, still all inclusive with three lengths to choose from 4, 6 and 8 hours starting from $7,800.

We have created them in the same style as the Pop up Wedding package, personalised ceremony, amazing venue, floral designs, divine wedding cake, professional photography, drinks package, first dance, food package, beautiful styling - all of this organised for you.

Here though we are flexible with venues and dates, you can come to us with a venue, or choose from one of our venue partners.

These packages start at 30 guests, the perfect number of friends and family, to make sure you can get around an enjoy everyone's company. But if you need more people it's easy to add them on at a per person cost that varies for each package length.

You can find out more about the packages on our Luxury Wedding Packages page.

Again how are these so affordable?

Well we've done all the hard work for you. From our years of experience running events we know how much to spend on food and drink, we have great business partners that we trust that have given us good prices, and all of this means that we can give you an amazing wedding at a price that doesn't scream, what am I doing!

Elopement Wedding

The perfect intimate, all-about-you wedding, and what better place to elope to than Northland. Filled with stunning scenery, beaches and fantastic weather (most of the time).

You don't need to run off to Fiji to have that beach wedding or Queenstown to get up to the hills for those amazing photos - at a fraction of the cost you can get that venue, find that location, right here in Northland.

You get that luxury wedding set up, the food, the drinks, the cake, the photographer, the celebrant, the flowers and your music, all tailored to the two of you (and maybe a handful of sneaky guests).

We can help make it a true getaway to by organising stunning accommodation as well.

Our elopement package is only $4,299 and you can find out more on our Elopement Wedding package page.

If you want to know more contact us at any time at hello@snapevents.co.nz

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