Sustainable Weddings

Weddings are amazing - ranging from lavish to simple your day will be as unique as you. However there is one thing that can often get overlooked - how environmentally friendly will your special day be? Is this something that’s on your radar?

There are some really simple ways to help make your day as sustainable as possible without having an impact on your special day or your pocket - in fact you might even find ways to save! Here’s some of our top ideas for a more sustainable wedding.


Your day starts with an invite - people need to know the where and when right?! A great option is using recycled paper if you choose to do paper invites. There are many amazing recycled options available in a range of colours, textures and styles.

Or even better - go paperless! Check out sites like - there are a huge range of options to send your invitations, manage your RSVP’s and the bonus is you have all the details at your fingertips. You can update your guest list with last minute changes and information and you have an easy way to connect with all your guests.

Food and Drink:

There are so many amazing food options available - from grazing tables, seafood and dessert bars the options are endless. One way to make your day more sustainable is to choose food options from local suppliers - use fresh local produce wherever possible and try not to import things if possible. Every time your goods travel it has an impact on the

environment which at times is unavoidable but something to be aware of all the same.

Use local hire companies for your crockery and cutlery knowing it doesn’t have to travel far and it can be used again and again. Plus avoid the hassle of cleaning up and on-selling!

Using local wineries, distilleries and breweries is another way to not only minimize environmental impact but to also support local business. We often find there is heart and soul that goes into producing some of these local brews - they are worth taking a chance on!


Getting everyone to your wedding is key! We are a culture who drive everywhere - often 1 or 2 people to a car. Encouraging car pooling to the wedding or even better using a bus or other transport provider is an easy, cost saving way to have a positive impact on the environment.


Instead of using flowers for centre pieces, consider using succulents or another form of plant. Then gift them to your guests to take home and plant after the wedding - or plant them yourselves and create a beautiful little wedding garden as a beautiful reminder of your special day.

The Dress:

The dress is one many think about in regards to sustainability. One easy and cheap way to be sustainable is to buy a second hand dress. The majority of wedding dresses are worn once or twice at the most. Being able to utilize second hand is a great option! If you do decide to go new consider where the fabric has come from and also if there are possible dual uses for your dress in the future - maybe you too will on sell it and it will be a blessing for another bride.

Got some other ideas on ways to make your day more sustainable? Let us know! We are always on the look out for ways to minimize the footprint we leave while maximizing the memorable moments of your special day.

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